Water Rates & Fees (Effective December 1, 2021)

Fees for Services

Water and Sewer service charges are bi-monthly (one bill per two months of service) with the exception of construction meters. 

Account Setup FeeAll new accounts are subject to an account setup fee$25
Same Day Service ChargeStarting service on the same day*$38
Same Day After Hours Service ChargeStarting service on the same day after hours**$125
Clean and ShowRequesting water service for two weeks or less$20
Broken Lock FeePenalty on properties that have broken locks on water meters$80 + illegal consumption x 2 actual usage at the highest tier
Meter Pull & Meter ResetPenalty for removing & reinstalling water meter$45-50 for each instance based on meter size, total of $90-100
Late FeeWater bills outstanding 20 days from bill due date1% of balance
Delinquent FeeWater bills outstanding 60 days from bill due date$36
Administrative Lien Processing FeeWater bills outstanding 70 days from bill due date$25 + lien is recorded against the property

*Requests must be received and completed by 4:00PM Monday-Thursday and 3:00PM on Friday. 

**Requests for same day service after 4:00PM Monday-Thursday or 3:00PM on Friday will be charged a Same Day After Hours Service Charge**

Single Family Residential

Meter SizeService Charge Rates
3/4" Meter$71.27
5/8" Meter$71.27
1" Meter$71.27
Water UsageConsumption Rates
 Tier 1:  0-14 HCF Water Usage$1.30 per HCF**
 Tier 2:  14-35 HCF Water Usage$2.07 per HCF**
 Tier 3:  Over 35 HCF Water Usage$2.69 per HCF**

Multi Family Residential/Business/Public Buildings/Industrial/Irrigation

Meter SizeService Charge Rates
5/8" and 3/4" Meter$135.06
1" Meter$213.26
1 1/2" Meter$408.77
2" Meter$643.38
3" Meter$1,269.00
4" Meter$1,972.83
6" Meter$3,927.91
8" Meter$10,966.20
Water UsageConsumption Rates
Uniform Block Rate (Multi-family, Residential, Business)$1.84 per HCF**
Uniform Block Rate (Public Building, Industrial, Irrigation)$2.07 per HCF**


ServiceService Charge Rates
Sewer Charge (if connected to sewer system)$63.09 per 1 EDU*

Fire Service

Meter SizeService Charge Rates
2.5" Meter$25.51
4" Meter$33.28
6" Meter$53.24
8" Meter$79.85
10" Meter$110.90
Water UsageConsumption Rates
Uniform Block Rate$1.84 per HCF**

Construction Meters

Construction meters are charged on a monthly basis. Monthly Service Charge Rate - $49

Water UsageConsumption Rates
Uniform Block Rate$4.75 per HCF**

*EDU = Equivalent Dwelling Unit

**HCF = Hundred Cubic Feet