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Rental Housing Business Inspection and Licensing Program - Annual Renewal Application

  1. Rental Housing Business License and Inspection Program - Annual Renewal Application

    Owners of well-maintained rental properties that have the following characteristics may apply to participate in the Self-Certification Program, so long as no violations of the Hesperia Municipal Codes and/or California State Building, Housing and Health Safety Codes exist on the property at the time of initial inspection; no outstanding citations, inspection or abatement fees, special assessment, and liens; and a current rental housing business license.

  3. I am opting out of the Self-Certification Program and prefer that the City inspect the interior and exterior of the rental property. I understand that I must pay the application registration renewal fees and that the City will contact me to schedule an interior and exterior inspection of the rental property.
  4. I believe my rental property (or properties) qualify for self-certification and would like to enroll the rental properties listed below into the self-certification program.
  5. The City will contact the applicant to confirm whether the properties qualify for self-certification. Once confirmed, the applicant will be required to provide further information.


    The City understands that property owners may utilize property management companies to manage their rental property(ies) as well as related correspondence and fees. In this situation, the City will require that the Property Owner complete the Rental Housing Business License and Inspection Program – Local Agent Authorization Form and attach it to this application. It should be noted that it is ultimately the property owner's responsibility to ensure compliance with all Rental Housing Business License and Inspection Program components.

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