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Rental Housing Business Inspection and Licensing Program - Self-Certification Application

  1. Rental Housing Business License and Inspection Program - Self Certification Application

    The following information is required for self-certification for compliance with the City of Hesperia’s Rental Housing ordinance. Please use one form per multi-family or single-family rental property.

  3. Rental Property Information
  4. Please complete all fields and enter N/A if not applicable.
  5. You have multiple rental units at this property.

  6. You have one (1) rental unit at this property

  7. Are you an owner or the manager of this property? *
  8. Applicant is required to provide contact information in the event that the City must follow up for additional information.
  9. If property contains more than 10 units, please scan and email checklist to Please include property address in the subject line of the email.

  10. Provide photographs showing the full frontage and full rear of the property, side yards, parking areas, common areas, etc.
  11. Provide photographs of the interior where corrections are needed.
  12. Please sign with your name

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