Ranchero Corridor Project

Project Summary
The Interstate 15 (I-15) Corridor is recognized as a Trade Corridor of National Significance and is a principal corridor for interstate commerce and international trade from Southern California to the Rocky Mountains and Central United States.

The Ranchero Road / I-15 Interchange Project, with its direct access to Interstate 15, is recognized as a project of regional and national significance by facilitating interregional connectivity and interregional movement of people and goods.

Improving Motorist Safety
Completion of the Ranchero Road / I-15 Interchange Project, as part of the three-phased Ranchero Road Corridor Project, will improve motorist safety and safety response times for emergency vehicles. It will improve mobility and efficiency of moving commodities by relieving congestion and improving overall regional air quality by reducing the number of trips and travel time.

Essential East / West Corridor
The Ranchero Road / I-15 Interchange Project is the most critical transportation project that Hesperia is seeking funding for. This essential east / west corridor is key to the region’s ability to sustain itself economically.

Three Key Phases
The Ranchero Road / I-15 Interchange Project is Phase II of the three-phased, $92.7 million Ranchero Road Corridor Project. The first phase is now fully funded at a cost of $32.7 million and the third phase will be jointly addressed with the County of San Bernardino at a future date. View all three key phases.

For more information about the Ranchero Corridor Project, call the City of Hesperia's Engineering Department at (760) 947-1451.