Project Funding

$1.2 Million in Design Plans & Initial Right-of-Way Acquisition
The City of Hesperia has invested approximately $1.2 million in design plans and initial right-of-way acquisition for a grade separation where Ranchero Road meets the BNSF rail line. Due to the federal funds being utilized, each phase of the construction process is administered by Cal Trans. To date, the Environmental Impact Report has been approved by CalTrans, all necessary permits have been obtained and the City is awaiting the final Authorization to Proceed from CalTrans before construction bids for this process can be issued.

City & Government Funding
The City of Hesperia has received $12.4 million in funding for this $32.7 million project from Congressman Jerry Lewis and the Federal Government.

The City of Hesperia has already contributed funds for preliminary design, completion of final design and specifications and right-of-way acquisition. This access is critical, as Hesperia has only one east-west corridor through the center of town and half of our 82,000 residents could easily be cut off from emergency services due to a simple car wreck at the existing crossing.

Current Potential for Disaster
If our current Main Street crossing were inaccessible, emergency personnel would be forced to travel a full seven miles to a crossing in a nearby city before reaching a victim on the other side of the tracks.

With only one crossing in a 70 square mile City, incidents such as earthquakes, train derailments and brush fires have a much higher potential for disaster.

For more information about the Ranchero Road Grade Separation Project, call the City of Hesperia's Public Works Department at (760) 947-1400.