Land Use Districts & Permitted Uses

Zoning establishes land use districts and lists permitted land uses within the City. The Zoning Map covers the City and its sphere of influence and shows residential, commercial, mixed-use, industrial and institutional zone districts, as well as Specific Plans and Planned Developments. Title 16 of the Hesperia Municipal Code is commonly known as the Development Code. Permitted uses by Zone District can be found in Chapter 16.16 of the Development Code.

To search if an address or Assessor's Parcel Number (APN) is located within the City's jurisdiction, you may also utilize the Public Viewer system. 

Zoning information can be found here at the Summary of Zoning Districts. (This document is solely intended to provide a brief overview of each zoning district and should not be used to determine permitted and/or prohibited uses.) For more information and/or clarification please contact Planning at 760-947-1224.

Land uses are allowed through several methods. The zoning regulations are included in the Development Code. These regulations describe permitted uses as well as those uses which require land use application approvals, such as:

  • Site Plan Reviews
  • Conditional Use Permits
  • Public Facility Reviews
  • Tentative Maps

To initiate a land use action, please obtain the applicable checklist and the Land Use Action Application online.