Main Street & Freeway Corridor Specific Plan

  MFCS WEB IMAGEThe Main Street & Freeway Corridor Specific Plan has been approved, effective October 16, 2008.  Click here to view the Main Street & Freeway Corridor Specific Plan. 

The purpose of this Specific Plan is to establish a development framework for the Main Street and Freeway corridors. This Specific Plan is intended to facilitate and encourage development and improvements along these two corridors to help realize the community’s vision for the area. It is a tool for developers, property owners, City staff and decision makers. New construction or rehabilitation on private property will be regulated through the land use policies, development standards and design guidelines in this Specific Plan. The Specific Plan also sets forth a strategy for public investment and improvements along the corridor, including circulation, parking, parks and streetscape improvements. 

Since its incorporation in 1988, Hesperia has grown in population to over 85,000 and in land area to approximately 75 square miles. Growth is expected to continue with a projected population of 175,000 by 2030. There is now pressure to develop the City’s freeway corridor to provide new shopping, service and entertainment venues. There is also a community desire to upgrade Main Street, which has developed over the years as a series of strip developments that lack an overall theme or design. This Specific Plan for the two most extensive and important corridors in the City provides Hesperia with the opportunity to anchor its economic base and create a high quality of life for decades to come. Thus, the Main Street and Freeway Corridor Specific Plan is a very significant undertaking in the history of the City.