Reading Your Water & Sewer Bill

Bill Detail
Meter Size
Rates are based on meter size. The meter size for your account is listed on the upper left hand portion of the bill.
Payments Received
This line shows any payments received from the last bill through the date of the new bill. If a recent payment was made, the possibility exists that the payment and the new bill crossed in the mail and the payment will not be reflected on the bill.
Bi-Monthly Service Charge
The Bi-Monthly service charge is a flat rate based on the size of the water meter.
Sewer Charge
If you have sewer service, a flat rate Sewer Charge is also included on the bill.
Tier Breakdown
For all 5/8", 3/4" and 1" meters there are four tiers for water consumption charges. These tiers are listed under the Rates tab. For meters 1 1/2" and larger, water consumption is charged a flat rate.
Other Charges
Any special charges that may apply are listed in detail here.
Message Board
Our customers can see any special news or events happening in the City of Hesperia.
One-Year Comparative Usage
This information shows consumption in hundred cubic feet (HCF) used over the previous year. If you recently became the account holder, only the time frame that you held the account will be provided in this box.