Ranchero Road Grade Separation

A New Railroad Crossing
The Ranchero Road Grade Separation Project (Project) involves the installation of a new crossing under the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railroad at the extension of Ranchero Road. Currently, Ranchero Road terminates at either side of the railroad right-of-way.

The project would begin at Seventh Avenue, with the grading and reconstruction of Ranchero Road at a grade that would enable traffic to pass under the BNSF Railroad tracks. Excavation removed from this portion of the project would be placed in the Antelope Valley Wash crossing to create a new road grade of Ranchero Road between the railroad and Danbury Street.

Eliminating Flooding Potential
The new grade would eliminate the flooding potential of Ranchero Road where it crosses the Antelope Valley Wash; the current roadway crosses the wash at-grade. This project also includes the installation of new drainage facilities to divert storm flow towards the Antelope Valley Wash.

Providing a New East-West Corridor
This project will directly benefit the entire High Desert area of San Bernardino County by providing a new east-west corridor that will insure a second access for emergency personnel from one half of town to the other, as well as alleviate traffic congestion along Bear Valley Road and Main Street.

This crossing is vital not only to reduce traffic on Main Street but with only one crossing over the railroad tracks in the entire City, over 29,000 residents could be cut off from emergency services due to car accident, train derailment or natural disaster taking place at our only crossing point.

Emergency personnel would be unable to offer assistance to victims across the tracks, even if they were within sight, without traveling approximately seven miles via a crossing in a neighboring city. The railroad industry is a powerful lobby and the City’s attempts to discuss funding alternatives with BNSF have been futile at best. (Read more about the project's background)

Future Plans for Ranchero Road
Ranchero Road is identified in the City of Hesperia’s Master Plan of Arterial Highway’s and will some day connect to a planned arterial highway in Apple Valley that would serve residents in Victorville, Apple Valley, Lucerne Valley and Big Bear.

For more information about the Ranchero Road Grade Separation Project, call the City of Hesperia's Public Works Department at (760) 947-1400.