Trash & Recycling

Let's Talk Trash

Although residents do not use separate containers for curbside recycling, plastic, glass, metal, wood, yard waste, paper, aluminum and tin are hand-sorted for recycling at the Material Recovery Facility (MRF). Once trash is delivered to the MRF, it goes through a number of screens, shakers and conveyor belts where employees pull out recyclables to be diverted from the San Bernardino County landfill.

While this means that Hesperia residents are not required to source separate items at the curb, residents are still encouraged to bundle their green waste separately, as well as their paper items, which are unusable if contaminated by liquids or food.

Disposal Guidelines

To operate the most efficient disposal and recycling program, please continue to follow these disposal guidelines when setting out your trash containers:
  • Place all tan waste wheelers curbside by 6:00 am (standard and daylight savings time) on your scheduled pick-up day
  • Place containers with wheels against the curb or right-of-way with handles facing your home at least two feet away from cars, mail boxes and other containers
  • To reduce litter, bag trash before putting it in the container
  • All materials must be placed in the containers in order to be collected
If you have extra green waste or bulky items, please contact Advance Disposal at (760) 244-9773 to make special collection arrangements.
  1. Trash Collection
  2. Single Stream Recycling
  3. Bulk & Green

Trash collection is provided to all city residences via the City's franshise waste hauler Advance Disposal. Two 95 Gallon Waste Wheeler are typically issued to residents in single family dwellings. For more information, or to request a change in service please call Advance Disposal at (760) 244-9773.