Programs & Collection Events

Protecting the Environment

The City of Hesperia is slowly but successfully moving forward to reduce illegal dumping and littering within the City limits and to decrease the amount of recyclable materials being sent to the County landfill.

While working to improve and update our current programs, the City has implemented a variety of progressive programs to teach the importance of protecting the environment and the simple ways for each citizen to do that.

Combined, these programs have helped the City of Hesperia meet the California state mandate of diverting over 50% of all rubbish from the landfill. That means your new carpet could have recycled bottle parts, or the paper you print this article out on may have once been a memo from the Mayor.

Don't Trash Our Desert

The City of Hesperia is a proud supporter of the Don't Trash Our Desert campaign. Don’t Trash Our Desert is a coalition of private citizens and public agencies that have come together to help promote a unified public awareness campaign aimed at keeping our desert clean of litter, illegal dumping and other debris.

Becoming involved is simple. Both businesses and residents are encouraged to help us spread the Don’t Trash Our Desert message and to take an active role in helping us put a stop to litter in our communities.

For more information or to request a presentation, visit their website at the link below, find them on Facebook or simply send an email.