Third-Party Haulers

Businesses: Click here to register as a third-party hauler under SB 1383

About Senate Bill 1383

In 2016, Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 1383 (SB 1383) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including methane, from organic waste.  SB 1383 sets goals for California businesses to reduce disposal of organic waste in the landfill, including recovering the maximum amount of surplus edible food for human consumption.

Click here to learn more about SB 1383. For more information regarding SB 1383 regulations and reporting, call (760) 947-1018. 

How does SB 1383 affect me?

SB 1383 Regulations require jurisdictions to obtain reports from all entities who provide residential, commercial, or industrial organic waste collection services to generators within City boundaries in order to track the total amount of organic waste disposed each year.  

In response to SB 1383, the City adopted Ordinance No. 2021-012 that details the requirements of third-party haulers, or self haulers.

What does my business need to do?

By May 1, 2022, all Tier 1 Generators will need to do the following to comply with SB 1383 requirements and to comply with the City of Hesperia’s Ordinance:

  • Complete and submit the third-party hauler permit application and obtain a third-party hauler permit.  The application fee is $100.00.
  • Third-party haulers must source separate all non-organic recyclables and organic waste from other solid waste and haul such materials to appropriate facilities in a manner consistent with the 14 CCR Sections 18984.4 and 18984.2 of the SB 1383 Regulations or haul all solid waste containing non-organic recyclables and/or organic waste to a high diversion organic waste processing facility, such as Advance Disposal. 
  • Third-party haulers must keep a record of the amount of organic waste delivered to each solid waste facility that processes organic waste and provide reports to the City that include the location from which the organic material was collected, the location to which the organic material was delivered, weight tickets, and the amount of material disposed in cubic yards or tons.
  • Reports will be due to the City on an annual basis.

What happens if I do not obtain a Third-Party Hauler Permit?

  • If a third-party hauler does not obtain a permit, they will not be able to renew their City of Hesperia business license and may lose their ability to possess a business license.
  • Violations of this code shall also be subject to enforcement actions as provided in chapter 1.12 of the Hesperia Municipal Code.   


For questions regarding the third-party hauler application or permit, please contact the Building and Safety Department at (760) 947-1311.