Ranchero Road Widening Project

Widening Our Horizons

The Ranchero Road Widening Project is the third phase of an ongoing project to enhance the Ranchero Road Corridor--a major east-west corridor carrying more than 15,000 motorists daily. Previous phases of the project included the installation of an underpass at the BNSF Railroad tracks and an interchange at the intersection of Ranchero Road and Interstate 15. Read more about the key phases here

The objective of this project is to enhance the file mile-corridor of Ranchero Road between the underpass and interchange, thereby reducing roadway congestion, accommodating an increase in travel, and reducing response times for emergency vehicles. Major enhancements include:

  • Widen Ranchero Road to accommodate two lanes in each direction and a center striped median 
  • Demolish the existing bridge and construct a new bridge at the California DWR aqueduct 
  • Widen the at-grade crossing at the UPRR railroad tracks
  • Replace corrugated metal pipe drainage crossings with concrete reinforced box culverts and add one new box culvert
  • Various utility relocations

The Ranchero Road Widening Project is a $54 million dollar project made possible with support from San Bernardino County, San Bernardino County Transit Authority, and state and local funds.

Ranchero Corridor Project Limits

Preparing for Construction

Traffic Delays                                                                                                                                                                                                             Construction is expected to last 18 months, with intermittent closures in place throughout the 5-mile segment of Ranchero Road. One lane will be kept open in each direction to the extent possible, but motorists are encouraged to use Main Street or Summit Valley Road as alternate routes. Beginning in Summer 2022, the aqueduct bridge will experience hard closures lasting six to nine months. Detours will be posted onsite for all road closures.

Access                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Motorists are advised to use caution on uneven roadways and near construction areas during this process. While accessibility is a priority, there will be short durations where travel is limited or restricted. 

Noise                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Additional noise from operating heavy equipment is expected. Night work will only occur when unavoidable or in an emergency.