Rental Housing Business License and Inspection Program

Crime Free Rental Housing Program Not in Effect

The Crime Free Rental Housing Program is no longer in effect and is not being enforced in Hesperia. Housing Discrimination is illegal. Those with concerns about fair housing are encouraged to contact Inland Fair Housing and Mediation Board at or contact the City of Hesperia directly at 760-947-1000.

More information about fair housing can be found at:

El Programa de Libre de Delitos de Viviendas de Alquiler ya no Está en Efecto

 El Programa de libre de delitos de viviendas de alquiler ya no está en efecto y ya no es obligatorio en Hesperia. Discriminación de vivienda es ilegal. Aquellos que tengan inquietudes sobre equidad en la vivienda se les alienta a contactar a Inland Fair Housing Mediation Board en www.ifhmb.con o contactar la Ciudad de Hesperia directamente al 760.947.1000

 Para más información sobre equidad en la vivienda se encuentra aquí:

Rental Housing Business License and Inspection Program

On January 5, 2021, the Hesperia City Council adopted the mandatory Rental Housing Business License and Inspection Program for rental properties in Hesperia. Effective March 5, 2021, the program is intended to ensure basic habitability for renters, ensure property owners remain responsible for their properties and remove blight and unsafe conditions from neighborhoods. 

On June 7, 2022, the City of Hesperia’s Rental Housing Business License Ordinance was amended to permit self-certifications for certain rental property owners in lieu of inspections. On October 12, 2022, the City of Hesperia amended the fee schedule for rental housing business licenses by reducing the maximum fees charged for license processing (for both new and existing leases) and inspections. The updated fee schedule can be found at  

Registration for this program is mandatory. The City has initiated the code enforcement process for non-compliance and properties unregistered are subject to the following fines pursuant to Hesperia Municipal Code Sections 5.72.090(D)(1) and 5.72.090(D)(2):

  • Failure to pay all required fees may result in a $500 fine; and
  • Failure to obtain a business license may result in a $500 fine.

To gain compliance and avoid fines you must obtain a business license by completing a Rental Housing Business License and Inspection Program Application.

How do I renew my current Rental Housing Business License?

Property owners must renew their business license by completing the Rental Housing Business License and Inspection Program – Annual Renewal Application.  

Owners of well-maintained rental properties that have the following characteristics may apply to participate in the Self-Certification Program, so long as no violations of the Hesperia Municipal Codes and/or California State Building, Housing and Health Safety Codes exist on the property at the time of initial inspection; no outstanding citations, inspection or abatement fees, special assessment, and liens; and a current rental housing business license. If the property is deemed eligible, the property owner will be contacted by the City and instructed to download and complete the documents in the Self-Certification Program Packet below:

Self-Certification Packet

How do I submit my Self-Certification Packet?

Once the Self-Certification Packet is completed, the applicant must complete the Rental Housing Business License and Inspection Program - Self-Certification Application. The applicant must upload the signed Self-Certification Affidavit and the completed Self-Certification Interior/Exterior Inspection Checklist, in addition to photos showing the full frontage (clearly displaying the property address), full rear of the property, side yards, parking areas, and any other common areas if applicable.

What if my property is not eligible for Self-Certification? 

The City will notify the property owner that the property is not eligible for self-certification and full registration renewal fees will be due. The City will work with the property owner to schedule an interior and exterior inspection.

For more information on the Self-Certification Program, click here.

What if I have sold the property or I no longer rent out property?

If the rental property has been sold, or the property is owner occupied, please complete the Rental Housing Business License and Inspection Program – Change of Owner/Owner Occupied Application.

The City will determine if the property is eligible for exemption and will contact the applicant if more information is needed. Currently vacant rental properties are not exempt from the program. 

Property Owner Responsibilities

  • Register all rental property(ies)  by completing and submitting an online application
  • Pay all rental housing related fees
  • Coordinate exterior and interior inspections with tenant(s)
  • Ensure rental unit(s) comply with City standards and codes
  • Ensure that any violations have been corrected and/or repaired with all required permits, approvals, and inspections
  • Schedule any re-inspections
  • Renew business license annually
  • If a property manager is utilized, ensure that they understand that the property owner is responsible for compliance, even if it may be a coordinated effort

The City understands that property owners may utilize property management companies to manage their rental property(ies) as well as related correspondence and fees. In this situation, the City will require that the Property Owner complete the Rental Housing Business License and Inspection Program – Local Agent Authorization Form.  The form should be uploaded and submitted with the Rental Housing Business License and Inspection Program - Annual Renewal Application.  It should be noted that it is ultimately the property owner's responsibility to ensure compliance with all Rental Housing Business License and Inspection Program components.

Tenant Responsibilities

  • Work with the property owner to coordinate interior inspections and any re-inspections
  • Review checklist with property owner prior to the interior inspection

You can read the Rental Housing Regulations by clicking here.

To find out what the inspection may include, click here for a checklist of the most commonly checked items.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who must register?

All rental properties in the City are required to be registered each year.

What will be inspected?

Code Enforcement will inspect the exterior of properties and a percentage of the interior of units.  The basic inspection will include the following, but is not limited to: 

  1. Property is maintained and kept in a neat, habitable condition, including the absence of trash and debris as defined by this code.
  2. All trash receptacles are emptied on a basis frequent enough to prevent spillage and a contract for disposal is maintained with the city’s franchise waste hauler. Trash receptacles and enclosures are maintained and free of defects.
  3. Graffiti, broken windows, fencing, and any other broken or unmaintained property component is repaired within 72 hours of notification to the owner or agent.
  4. Parking areas are maintained and adequate parking is provided to discourage street parking or off-property parking
  5. Common areas are maintained in a clean manner and residents are informed of rules designed to maintain the reasonable enjoyment of the property by all residents.
  6. Residential rental properties with four (4) or more residential rental units shall have a sign showing the owner or management company name, address, and phone number posted in the on-site manager unit or management office, if any, which shall be identified by a notice at the front entrance to the property and shall be posted in a manner approved by the director.
  7. Landscape is maintained, is not dead, and is kept in a neat, orderly manner to add to the enjoyment and aesthetics of the property, including the proper care and trimming of any trees or bushes on the property. The removal of landscape without replacement is not considered maintenance.
  8. Pools, spas and hot tubs are maintained pursuant to requirements of the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health.
  9. Play yards, playgrounds, and other amenities are maintained and free from trash, debris, and broken components.
  10. Mechanical components, including but not limited to, heating, screening, water and sewer or septic tank maintenance or service, and other required components is kept in working order.
  11. Sidewalks and walking paths are maintained and are in good repair.

Is anyone exempt?

Yes, there are some exceptions, they include: 

Housing accommodations in hotels, motels, inns, or tourist homes. This exception does not apply to single room occupancy hotels or hotels in which more than 51% of the rooms are offered for habitation for a duration of longer than 30 consecutive days.

Housing accommodations in any hospital; convent, monastery, or other facility occupied exclusively by members of a religious order; extended medical care facility; asylum; on-campus fraternity or sorority houses; or on-campus housing accommodations owned, operated or managed by an institution of higher education, a high school, or an elementary school of occupancy by its students.

Mobile homes and mobile home parks, or recreational vehicles as defined in Section 799.24 of the California Civil Code, or recreational vehicle parks. 

Single family homes, which are owner-occupied and in which a single room is rented to a single person.

Junior Accessory Dwelling Units which are part of a single-family residence occupied by the owner. 

When do properties have to be registered?

Property owners can begin registering their properties March 22, 2021. Registration is required by June 22, 2021. 

When will my property be inspected?

Your property will be inspected during the assigned renewal month. This may be the month the fees are paid or several months after, depending on the volume of properties registered each month. Notice of your inspection will be provided to you. This is due to the large number of properties that will be included in the program which will require that the City stagger the business license renewals and inspections across the year to ensure that staff has time to complete all necessary inspections and issue licenses promptly and efficiently. This may mean that the first year your license may be valid for longer than a year, after that the license will be valid for one year and required to renew annually. 

What happens if I have violations?

If a property has violations, the Code Officer will write a notice to the property owner, listing the violations and allowing time to correct them.

I have a tenant who is causing me to fail my inspection, what can I do?

Each property will have case by case issues during the inspection, it is best to communicate with the Code Enforcement Officer who can decide how best to handle the situation within the confines of the law. 

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