Measure N Frequently Asked Questions

Measure N FAQs

 1. Which areas of the City are impacted? 

All vacant single family residential lots currently zoned LDR, R1 or R1-4500 which are larger than 14,520 sf.  This applies primarily to only vacant large parcels that have not been entitled on the west side of Hesperia.  Currently these large parcels can be subdivided down to 8 homes per acre.  This does not apply to infill lots in the rest of the City or lots that are already zoned for ½ acre or larger.

All multi-family areas zoned for use, such as R3, MDR & HDR.   This only applies to undeveloped lots that do not have entitlements.

2. Will this increase the number of houses that can be built if current zoning allows for less houses to be built?

No, single family residential zones that currently require larger lot sizes will not be changed.  Lots which the zoning requires larger than 14,520 square feet, for instance, R1-18000, RR-20000, A1-2.5, etc.., will not be affected by the change.

3.  Will the change to setback requirements make it difficult or impossible to build a home?

No.  The new larger lot size will have setbacks which are proportional and result in a wider buildable footprint than the existing standards.

4.  Will this ballot measure prevent low income houses or apartments from being approved?

No.  Nothing in this measure prevents such projects from being approved. State law requires all cities to allow low income or affordable housing projects. In addition, our density bonus program offers incentives such as additional density, lower parking ratios, and reduced development standards for the provision of affordable units in a project.

5.  Will Measure N reduce the amount of water needed for new development?

Yes.  This ballot measure will make new development less dense, allowing less homes or apartments on a given project.  Reducing homes from 8 to 3 per acre and apartments from 20 to 8 per acre will dramatically reduce the water needed for future development equating to an estimated 50% reduction.

6. If Measure N passes, how many acres of Residential land will be impacted?

Please view the Single Family and Multi-Family Residential maps posted on question #1.

7. How will Measure N impact the smaller undeveloped parcels currently zoned for residential neighborhoods? what will those owners be allowed to build?

Existing recorded tract maps will not be affected, the zoning will remain the same.  We did not want to make existing lots nonconforming due to lot size, when they won’t be able to comply.  This could have impeded them in the future when doing a second dwelling or room addition.