Guidelines for Reopening Businesses

Guidelines for businesses are constantly changing. For the most recent news, please visit the San Bernardino County COVID-19 news updates at 

New stay-at-home orders and business closures will take effect on December 4th, 2020. 

The following businesses and facilities have been mandated to close by the State.

  • Indoor and outdoor playgrounds
  • Personal care services, including hair and nail salons and barbershops
  • Indoor recreational facilities
  • Family entertainment centers
  • Museums, zoos and aquariums
  • Bars and wineries
  • Campgrounds (for overnight stays)
  • On-site dining at restaurants (take-out, pick-up and delivery only)
  • Hotels and motels except for critical infrastructure support

In addition, the new mandate limits retail stores to 20% capacity, and eating or drinking inside stores is prohibited. The new rules also ban non-essential travel, but outdoor recreation facilities will remain open. Schools that have received waivers permitting them to provide in-person instruction are allowed to stay open. Doctors and dentists may also continue seeing patients.

To view more guidelines on reopening, please visit

Due to the recent spike in cases, San Bernardino County has issued a night time stay at home order effective November 21st. The County has also extended the COVID Compliant Business Partnership Program to Dec 13.

The San Bernardino County has issued a 10PM - 5AM limited stay at home order effective, Nov. 21, for the 41 of 58 California counties under the Purple Tier of California’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy including San Bernardino County. The order prohibits all non-essential activities conducted outside the home with members of other households between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. beginning Nov. 21 and extending until at least Dec. 21. Under the State order, residents can leave their homes, but cannot engage or interact with people from other households.

Effective September 23rd, Governor Newsom will allow the reopening of nail salons with County approval. San Bernardino County prepares to move down to Red Tier (Tier 2) from Purple Tier (Tier 1)

California state officials announced Tuesday that nail salons can reopen regardless of a county's tier status under the state's coronavirus reopening protocols. State Health Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly stated businesses in the industry can operate safely and it is no longer necessary to keep them closed. It will be up to the individual counties to determine if nail salons can reopen in their regions. For more information on the reopening of nail salons, please visit

 San Bernardino County has been in the Purple Tier (highest tier of community disease transmission) since the state release of reopening guidelines which is slated at 7 new cases per 100,000 people per day with a testing positivity rate of above 8%. For counties to be downgraded to a safer tier, it must meet the next tier's criteria for two consecutive weeks. San Bernardino County has met the Red Tier (2nd tier) requirements for one week. As of today, the county sits at 6.7 cases per 100,000 with a positivity rate of 5.7%. If San Bernardino County holds these numbers for one more week, the county should be able to move into Red Tier. For more information, please visit

On August 28th, the state released new COVID-19 guidelines. Hair salons and barbers allowed to reopen along with indoor malls.

California's new guidelines for counties to reopen specific business sectors offer a simpler, more limited set of metrics. The new system is a four-tiered, color category system. A county’s reopening guidelines are based on whether a county is ranked as purple (widespread risk), red (substantial), orange (moderate) or yellow (minimal). To view the new tiered system, please visit

The governor also announced an easing of restrictions on hair salons and barbers, allowing these businesses throughout the state to reopen indoors beginning Monday, August 31, with modifications. This applies to counties in all tiers, including purple. For more information, please visit

San Bernardino County launches the COVID-19 Compliance Education/Engagement/Enforcement (EEE) Plan for businesses

San Bernardino County has launched the EEE program to ensure business compliance with state and County health orders. 

Education - We reach out to high-risk businesses and similar operations to let them know what they are required to do to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus and how the County can help.

Engagement - We contact those businesses not fully respecting health orders and request immediate compliance.

Enforcement - We report persistent noncompliance operations directly to the state and refer cases either to the State Strike Force (enforcement team), the County Sheriff's Department, and/or another County enforcement division. 

For more information and updates on the program, please view the EEE Summary from the County.

July 20th, State changes its course on reopening of certain businesses

The State has changed its course again on hair salons, nail salons, and barbershops. Personal care services are now allowed to operate outdoors under specific guidance issued by the State. The new guidance also applies to esthetic, skin care, cosmetology, and massage therapy. For more information on business guidance, please view the San Bernardino County announcement

On July 13th, Governor Newsom ordered the closure of indoor operations of additional sectors.

Responding to significant increases in positive test results, hospitalizations and ICU admissions, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced further mandates to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Details can be found on the State’s COVID-19 website. The State has immediately expanded closures to include indoor operations for:

  • Dine-in restaurants
  • Movie theaters
  • Family entertainment centers
  • Museums
  • Cardrooms

Breweries, bars and pubs are required to close both indoor and outdoor operations entirely in every county.

In addition, within the 31 counties on the state’s monitoring list (which includes San Bernardino), the State requires the closure of indoor operations in sectors that tend to promote the mixing of populations which make adherence to social distancing and wearing face masks difficult. Businesses in these sectors that are unable to operate outdoors must close immediately under the State’s order. They include:

  • Gyms and fitness centers
  • Place of worship
  • Offices for non-critical sectors
  • Personal care services (e.g., nail salons, massage and tattoo facilities)
  • Hair salons and barber shops
  • Indoor malls

For more information, please view the County update at

Effective July 1st, Governor Newsom orders 19 California counties to close certain businesses and operations including San Bernardino County. 

In response to the rising numbers of coronavirus cases in California, Governor Newsom has ordered additional action to slow community transmission. The guidance applies for a minimum of three weeks and is subject to an extension based on epidemiologic indicators. The following guidance applies to the following sectors:

  • Indoor Dine-in restaurants
  • Indoor Wineries and Tasting Rooms
  • Indoor Family Entertainment Centers
  • Indoor Movie Theaters
  • Indoor Zoos and Museums
  • Indoor Cardrooms

In addition, all brewpubs, breweries, bars, and pubs in these counties must close immediately, both indoor and outdoor. 

For further information, please visit the California Department of Health announcement at

COVID-Compliant Business Partner Locator

The County is launching a new online database that will allow residents and visitors to easily find those businesses committed to ensuring the health and safety of employees and customers. The businesses are those who are participating in the County’s COVID-Compliant Business Partnership. Partnership members have agreed to comply with state and County public health orders and incorporate a variety of safety measures in their day-to-day operations. 

For more information, please view the county update 

Guidelines for reopening in each industry

The CDC has released guidelines for the reopening of various sectors. Please check out the list below to find out which sectors have been allowed to reopen and what their guidelines consist of.