Ranchero Road Aqueduct Crossing Project

Initial Study

The City formally initiated the environmental process for the proposed project with the preparation of this Initial Study. The IS screens out those impacts that would be less than significant and do not warrant mitigation, while identifying those issues that require further mitigation to reduce impacts to a less than significant level. As identified in the following analyses, project impacts related to various environmental issues either do not occur, are less than significant (when measured against established significance thresholds), or have been rendered less than significant through implementation of mitigation measures. Based on these analytical conclusions, this IS supports adoption of an MND for the proposed project.

CEQA2 permits the incorporation by reference of all or portions of other documents that are generally available to the public. The IS has been prepared utilizing information from City planning and environmental documents, technical studies specifically prepared for the project, and other publicly available data. The documents utilized in the IS are identified in Section 4.0 and are hereby incorporated by reference. These documents are available for review at the City of Hesperia, Development Services Department.

The IS and a Notice of Intent (NOI) to adopt an MND will be distributed to responsible and trustee agencies, other affected agencies, and other parties for a 30-day public review period. Written comments regarding this IS should be addressed to:

Tina Souza, Senior Management Analyst
City of Hesperia
Development Services Department
9700 7th Avenue
Hesperia, California 92345

After the 30-day public review period, consideration of comments raised during the public review period will be taken into account and addressed prior to adoption of the MND by the City.

Project Documents