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Report an Issue

Report an issue you've spotted in the City directly to City staff via the City's app or below. Simply follow the prompts and submit. Issues submitted without photos may be delayed in response. 

The City of Hesperia has its own mobile app that is designed to increase the quality of interaction between community members and the City of Hesperia. Listed below are some of the app's features.

Download the app on your mobile device available on the App Store on iOS or Google Play for Android.

Check it out today!

Report an Issue

Citizens of Hesperia may now report various issues directly to City staff using the City App from your phone! Simply download the City app, snap a photo with your mobile device, and submit directly to City staff. It's that easy!

The app utilizes specific geolocation capabilities to track the time and location of the reported issue.y providing a photo and description of the reported issue, you can help expedite the process. Response to reports submitted without photos may be delayed.

You can keep our community clean by reporting sightings of:
  • Potholes
  • Graffiti
  • Water Waste
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Downed Signs/Signals


Hesperia residents can now access the City's mobile app to adopt a new pet!

The mobile app benefits the animals by providing mechanisms for them to be adopted if they are available or found if they are lost. It also benefits the public by empowering them to adopt a new animal companion, find a lost pet, or re-unite an owner with a lost pet that they have found. Finally, it benefits the animal shelter by connecting the public with the shelter and its animals. By using our mobile app, Hesperia residents may

  • Report a lost pet
  • Report a found pet
  • Adopt a pet
For more information on animal services, please click here.

Integrated Public Viewer

The City's new Integrated Public Viewer provides residents and community members with an exceptional amount of data right at their fingertips. Access bus and bike routes, zoning information, location specific material, data on buy-back districts, and so much more! To access the Public Viewer, please click here.

With the launch of the mobile app, the Public Viewer is now available for viewing on the phone. Download the City's app to access the Public Viewer on your mobile device.

Pay Utility Bills

Residents of Hesperia may now pay their utility bills using the City's mobile app. Simply download the City app, open the application, and tap on "Pay My Water Bill". The link will direct you to the City of Hesperia Water District Online BillPay application where residents can pay their water bills.

For any questions regarding billing, please click here.

If you are having technical difficulties or have any questions regarding the mobile application, please email Rachel Molina.

Citywide Location Information

Lost in the city? Don't know where your local facilities are located? Our mobile app can help you find your destination.

The City's mobile app provides citywide location information for city-owned properties including the library, police department, recreational parks, golf clubs, community centers, animal shelters, and so much more! Not only does the app provide the physical address for these facilities, it also utilizes GPS to map out your immediate area! Through the use of GPS, the app will even provide directions to your desired location.

Users may select from the following places:

  • Civic Plaza Park
  • Hesperia BMX Park
  • Hesperia Community Park
  • Hesperia Lake Park
  • Lime Street Park
  • Live Oak Park
  • Malibu Park
  • Maple Park
  • Timberlane Park

  • Hesperia Golf & Country Club
  • John Swisher Community Center
  • Power Play Center
  • Rick Novack Community Center
  • Percy Bakker Center
  • Epicentre
  • Hesperia Animal Shelter
  • High Desert Government Center
  • City of Hesperia Mojave Corporation Yard
  • Hesperia Branch Library
  • Hesperia Chamber of Commerce
  • Hesperia Police Department
  • Hesperia Unified School District
  • Hesperia Recreation and Park District
  • Household Hazardous Waste
  • Fire Station 301
  • Fire Station 302
  • Fire Station 304
  • Fire Station 305

To view our parks and facilities, download our app, open the application, and tap on "Places". Scroll down to view more parks. Swipe left and right to switch from parks to facilities. Users may also tap on the park or facility for basic information about the facility.

City Department Information

Need to contact a specific city department?
You may view a lsit of city departments organized in alphabetical order on our city app.

Open "City Hall" and tap on "Who To Call".

For more information on the city's departments, please click here.

City Council

Residents may view and contact Hesperia's council members on the city's mobile app.

Open "City Hall" and tap on "City Council".
Tapping on each council member will provide a brief biography and contact information.

For more information on the city council, please click here.

News, Mobile Alerts, and Social Media

It is now easier than ever to stay informed about the events happening in our community. Hesperia residents and community members can stay engaged by downloading the city's mobile app. The mobile application provides the latest news in Hesperia ranging from highway closures to community events.

Hesperia's latest headlines are available on the main page of the mobile application, above the icons. Users may shift through the headlines by swiping left or right. The mobile app users may also view archived news dating back to 2015. Simply tap on "News" to bring up all Hesperia Headlines for the past two years.

The City of Hesperia has Facebook and Twitter accounts. Follow and like us on Facebook & Twitter to stay updated on the latest news and announcements. Mobile app users can directly see the city's tweets by opening "News" and selecting the "Social" tab.