Hesperia Water District Fee Schedule

New Account Set-up Fee $25
Turn on/off water meter - same day regular hours $38
Turn on/off water meter - same day after hours $125
Clean and Show $20
Delinquent Disconnect/Reconnection List Fee $36 Regular Hours/$109 After-Hours
Bad Check/Credit Card Chargeback $25 1st Offense, $35 thereafter
Backflow Testing $119 Initial Test, $243 Multiple Test
Bill Suppression $19
Broken Lock/Tampering with District Property $30 Lock
Illegal Consumption $50-$1,000
Consumption 2 times actual usage @ highest tier
Change in Start/Termination Date 1st Request no charge, 2nd and subsequent requests $10
Customer Side Leak Service Call $12
Fire Flow Test $44 Residential
$111 Commercial
Accounts turned over to Collections Balance + current admin fee
Non-Compliance Customer Service Call-Out $12 per Occurrence
Meter Pull/Reset 3/4" meter pull or reset $45 each
1" meter pull or reset $50 each
Meter Testing Cost Reasonably Borne
Delinquency 1% per month of the unpaid balance
Construction Meter Monthly Rental Fee $49 per month
Construction Meter Deposit/Set-up Fee Admin Fee $33 (non-refundable)
Deposit $950
Wrench Deposit $50
Obstruction Fine $50 Fee and Cost Reasonably Borne to remove obstruction
Payment Extenstion $2 per request, maximum 3 per year
Re-calculate Bill $25 per occurrence

Regular Hours - Monday-Thursday 7:30am-4:00pm
Friday 7:30am-3:00pm
After Hours - Monday-Thursday after 4:00pm
Friday after 3:00pm
All weekends and holidays