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License My Pet
Is Your Pet Licensed?
Hesperia Municipal Code pertaining to licenses reads as follows: Every resident in the City who owns, has an interest in, harbors and feeds, or has the care, charge, custody or possession of a dog four months of age or over and whether such dog is confined or not, shall obtain a City dog license for such a dog. (Hesperia Municipal Code 6.04.010)

Each dog shall have a current rabies vaccination as evidenced by a valid certificate issued by the veterinarian who performed the vaccination as a requisite to licensing. Provided further, that rabies vaccination certificate shall not be required if the license is obtained at the time the dog is vaccinated at a city low-cost clinic. (Hesperia Municipal Code 6.04.020)

While a dog is being used as a guard dog within the City, it must have a city dog license and the license tag must be securely fixed to the dog’s collar regardless of where the owner resides and whether a license has been obtained for that jurisdiction. (Hesperia Municipal Code 6.04.050) Although not required by law, we recommend that you license your cat also. Having a license tag will ensure that your cat will be returned home if it is impounded by Animal Services.

Licensing Fees

License Type

One Year

Two Years

Three Years

Unaltered Dog




Altered Dog




Senior Citizen Unaltered Dog




Senior Citizen Altered Dog




Cat License (Optional)




Additional Fees
  • Transfer from another jurisdiction - Altered: $5; Unaltered: $10
  • Replacement Tag: $3.50
  • Penalty for failure to license dog - Altered: $10; Unaltered: $25

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Phone: (760) 947-1000