Military Banner Program

The City of Hesperia personalized military banner program was established by the Hesperia City Council in 2017. The purpose of the program is to recognize and honor our local military service members. Banners honoring our service members will be proudly displayed at various locations throughout Hesperia as a way for our community to express its appreciation and gratitude for their service to our country. 

Eligibility: Banner candidates must be on active duty in one of the branches of the United States Armed Forces which includes Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. In addition, the service member must be a resident of Hesperia or the applicant must be an immediate family member and a Hesperia resident, to include parent, spouse, grandparent, sibling, or child.

Proof of eligibility: To verify active military status, please visit the Department of Defense website at and submit a copy of the verification page with your application. 

Verification of residency: Copy of a driver’s license or a recent utility bill in the name of the service member or applicant.

Photograph: An 8x10 high resolution color photo of the honored service member in uniform must be provided for insertion onto the banner. Photograph must be of good quality (300 dpi or greater for electronic versions), and will not be returned. Please do not send original photograph.

Limit of one banner per service member is allowed. Once the service member has been approved and honored through the program they are not eligible to reapply. This allows for a multitude of service members to be honored throughout the life of the program.

Cost: There will be no cost to the honoree or the applicant for this program.

Requesting a Banner: An application shall be completed and submitted by a family member and must be accompanied by:

ü  A hard copy 8x10 or an uploaded 300 dpi high resolution color photo of service member in uniform.

ü  A copy of the verification page from the Department of Defense website showing active military status.

ü  Proof of residence in Hesperia (service member or applicant).

Selection Process: Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first service basis. Priority will be given to those honorees who currently reside in Hesperia. 

Banner location and installation schedule: Banners will be installed by the City of Hesperia; the number and specific banner locations shall be determined solely by the City of Hesperia and may be revised without prior notice. Banners will be installed on light posts in the Civic Plaza, including the Civic Plaza Park, as well as locations near the Interstate 15 interchanges, and the intersection of Main Street and I Avenue. Banners will be installed annually in May prior to Memorial Day and will remain on display until Veteran’s Day. After this designated display period, banners will be presented to the banner applicant. The City will not be responsible for replacing banners that are stolen, damaged, or destroyed due to sun, weather, age, vandalism or any act of nature beyond our control such as high winds.

Banner Design: Banners will be designed and purchased by the City of Hesperia. The spelling of the service member’s name and branch of service will be taken directly from the application. The City of Hesperia is not responsible for misspelling or other errors received submitted on the application.

Deadlines: Applications for the current 2017 calendar year must be postmarked or delivered to Hesperia City Hall by April 20, 2017 at 5:00 pm. The application period for the 2018 calendar year will re-open January 9, 2018.

Applications for this calendar year will be available March 20, 2017 on the City of Hesperia website or at Hesperia City Hall Reception located at 9700 Seventh Avenue, Hesperia, CA 92345. 

For more information please contact April Antonio, City Manager's Office at or (760)947-1006.