How do I license my pet?

Animals can be licensed at the Hesperia Animal Shelter during regular business hours. Fees are as follows:

Unaltered dog: $70 for one year; $130 for two years; $200 for three years.

Altered dog: $13 for one year; $24 for two years; $33 for three years.

Senior Citizen with altered dog: $8 for one year; $14 for two years; $20 for three years.

Every resident in the City who owns, has an interest in, harbors and feeds, or has the care, charge, custody or possession of a dog four months of age or over and whether such dog is confined or not, shall obtain a City dog license for such a dog.

While a dog is being used as a guard dog within the city, it must have a city dog license and the license tag must be securely fixed to the dog’s collar regardless of where the owner resides and whether a license has been obtained for that jurisdiction.

Although not required by law, we recommend that you license your cat also. Having a license tag will ensure that your cat will be returned home if it is impounded by Animal Services.

Licenses may be purchased at Hesperia Animal Services office located at 11011 Santa Fe Avenue, Hesperia, CA 92345, (760) 947-1700. Every animal licensed must provide a valid rabies certificate and sterility certificate if applicable.

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