Animal Control

Open House and Clear the Shelters Day 2016

Join us for our Open House for Clear the Shelters Day on July 23, 2016! To view our flyer click here.


The goal of the Department is to provide for the humane care of found and injured or abused animals, the protection of the citizenry from stray and/or aggressive animals and the education of proper and responsible pet ownership.

The mission of the Animal Control Department is to balance the health, safety and welfare needs of the people and the animals within the City of Hesperia.

Animal Shelter
The fully staffed shelter provides care for animals who are impounded because they have become separated from their owners but will be quickly reunited. The shelter also cares for animals that need to be adopted into a new family and those that must be humanely euthanized.

The need for this agency is due mostly to irresponsible pet ownership and pet over-population. While the benefits of pet ownership are many, pets that are not properly cared for can become not only a nuisance, but also a threat to the health and safety of neighbors.

Food, Shelter & Love Program

The animals at the Hesperia Animal Shelter are fed Science Diet Pet food, which is generously provided by the Hill's Food, Shelter & Love program.

Hill's Pet Nutrition has a mission to help enrich and lengthen the special relationships between people and their pets. Learn more about Science Diet® and Prescription Diet® pet foods at

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