Job Classifications

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 Human Resources Manager 
 Accounting Technician
 Human Resources Specialist
 Administrative Aide
 Information Systems Manager
 Administrative Aide (part-time)  Information Systems Specialist
 Administrative Analyst 
 Information Systems Technician
 Administrative Analyst (part-time)  Maintenance Crew Supervisor - Meter Services
 Administrative Intern (part-time)
 Maintenance Crew Supervisor - Pipeline
 Administrative Secretary
 Maintenance Crew Supervisor - Road Maintenance
 Animal Care Technician
 Maintenance Crew Supervisor - Traffic 
 Animal Care Technician (part-time)  Maintenance Crew Supervisor - Wastewater/Stormwater
 Animal Control Officer
 Maintenance Crew Supervisor - Water Distribution
 Animal Services Manager
 Maintenance Crew Supervisor - Water Production 
 Assistant City Clerk
 Maintenance Worker - Streets - Traffic - Water
 Assistant City Manager
 Maintenance Worker - Streets - Traffic - Water (part-time)
 Assistant Engineer 
 Management Analyst
 Associate Planner
 Meter Reader
 Budget/Finance Specialist
 Office Assistant
 Building Inspector
 Office Assistant (part-time)
 Building Inspector (part-time)
 Personnel Technician
 Building Official
 Plans Examiner
 City Clerk
 Plans Examiner (part-time)
 Code Enforcement Officer
 Principal Planner
 Code Enforcement Supervisor
 Project Construction Manager
 Community Development Supervisor
 Public Works Manager
 Community Development Technician
 Public Works Superintendent
 Community Relations Specialist
 Public Works Supervisor
 Construction Inspection Supervisor
 Pump Operator
 Construction Inspector
 Receptionist (part-time)
 Secretary to the City Manager and City Council
 Custodian (part-time)
 Senior Accountant
 Customer Service Representative
 Senior Account Clerk (Utility Billing)
 Customer Service Representative (part-time)
 Senior Animal Care Technician
 Customer Service Supervisor
 Senior Animal Control Officer
 Deputy City Clerk
 Senior Code Enforcement Officer
 Deputy City Manager
 Senior Community Development Technician
 Deputy Finance Director
 Senior Custodian
 Director of Finance
 Senior Customer Service Representative
 Economic Development Manager
 Senior Development Specialist
 Engineering Technician
 Senior Financial Analyst
 Equipment Operator
 Senior Maintenance Worker - Streets - Traffic - Water
 Equipment Operator - Water
 Senior Management Analyst (Economic Development)
 Executive Secretary
 Senior Management Analyst (Finance)
 Facilities Electrician (part-time)
 Senior Office Assistant
 Facilities Maintenance Technician (part-time)
 Senior Office Specialist
 Facilities Supervisor
 Senior Planner 
 Financial Analyst
 Senior Pump Maintenance Worker 
 Fleet/Warehouse Crew Supervisor
 Senior Pump Operator
 GIS Manager
 Senior Warehouse Technician
GIS Technician
 Utility Line Locator

 Warehouse Technician

 Water Quality Specialist