Phases I, II & III

Ranchero Road Corridor Project - Phase I
The Ranchero Road Undercrossing involves the construction of a grade separation at the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad at the point where Ranchero Road terminates at either side of the railroad right-of-way. This phase is fully funded at a cost of $32.7 million and is scheduled to begin construction in 2011.

Ranchero Road Corridor Project - Phase II
The Ranchero Road / I-15 Interchange involves the construction of a $60 million freeway interchange at Ranchero Road and Interstate 15. This is the specific phase for which we are seeking $20.8 million in federal funding, to make the project 100% funded.

Phase II is currently in simultaneously in the the design and right-of-way acquisition phases, environmental clearance was received in spring 2010. Once these phases are complete, construction will be contingent on funding.

Ranchero Road Corridor Project - Phase III
The Ranchero Road Widening Project is a future joint project with San Bernardino County. The project goal is to widen Ranchero Road from two to four lanes between Interstate 15 and the Phase I undercrossing, at an estimated cost of $15 million.

For more information about the Ranchero Corridor Project, call the City of Hesperia's Engineering Department at (760) 947-1451.