Illegal Dumping

Report Illegal Dumping

Open Dumpsites
Piles of household garbage, bags of yard waste, discarded appliances, old barrels, used tires and demolition debris can threaten the health of humans, wildlife and the environment when dumped. Open dumpsites are illegal disposal sites. If allowed to remain, they often grow larger and attract more dumping by others.

Reducing Illegal Dumping
The City of Hesperia is slowly but successfully moving forward to reduce illegal dumping and littering within the City limits and to decrease the amount of recyclable materials that are being sent to the County landfill.

In fact, a new ordinance was adopted which defines the regulations relating to illegal dumping. Ordinance 2004-21, section 8.32.022 addresses the dumping and littering issues in the City. For more information, refer to the City's Code Enforcement Division.

To report illegal dumping, call (760) 947-1343.