Implementation of The Stimulus Program
Now that the Recovery Act has been enacted and the City is learning more about the details and funding levels within the bill, the City’s list of needs will be refined. Because the effects of the economic downturn are being felt locally here in Hesperia, the City of Hesperia will be pursuing various funding opportunities to assist our local economy.

The federal government has stressed that transparency and public involvement are vital parts of the stimulus process and the City of Hesperia will focus on these aspects as we pursue stimulus funding. Application deadlines and other critical information from the federal government on stimulus funding are becoming available sporadically because different federal agencies are involved in administering their portion of the stimulus package.

The City of Hesperia will be eligible to receive Stimulus funding through two means; direct formula allocation and competitive grant applications.

Formula Allocation
A small portion of Stimulus funding will be distributed by formula directly to cities for programs or projects. Some funds will be distributed by the federal government directly, as well as through the State of California or regional governments. This money is then distributed to cities and regions by formula. Examples of funds that will come directly to the City of Hesperia from the federal government include Community Development Block Grants and Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grants. Examples of funds that come to the City through a regional government include the transportation dollars for local streets and transit funding for Victor Valley Transit Authority, which are distributed by the San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG).

Competitive Grant Applications
The majority of funding available to cities will be accessed through a direct grant application process at the State and federal level where the City will compete with other agencies for funds based on the merit and status of the project. For these funds, the City must submit detailed grant applications for specific projects under the appropriate funding source. Examples of these grants include the State Energy Program, Fire Station Grants, Clean Water Grants and many others.