Green Waste

In Hesperia, approximately one-half of all residential waste is green waste - grass, leaves, weeds and trimmings from bushes and trees. Advance Disposal's green waste program allows residents to separate out these materials curbside by bagging the green waste and placing the bag in the residential tan carts.

Once the green waste reaches the Material Recovery Facility (MRF), it is sorted, ground up and pulverized to be used as compost, mulch or ground cover at the landfill. By returning the green waste to the earth it helps break down other recyclable materials and reduces the amount of material at the landfill.

Excess Green Waste
Do you have more green waste during the Spring and Fall? Single-family residential customers who occasionally have excess green waste may schedule one-week in advance a special pick up for extra green waste. Excess green waste must be placed at curbside alongside the regular tan carts on the same day as the customer's regular residential service. Green waste must be securely bundled and tied or placed in tied plastic bags. Each bundle may not be longer than four (4) feet and no larger than sixteen (16) inches in diameter. Each bundle or bag must not weigh more than fifty (50) pounds. Franchisee shall not be obligated to pick up excess green waste if the customer has not scheduled a special pick up or fails to comply with these requirements. Customers who schedule excess green waste pickups more than four (4) times per year may be required to get additional tan carts or a bin at an additional cost.

The City hopes that all residents will take advantage of this convenient and effortless way to recycle green waste.

For more information or to request a special Excess Green Waste pick-up, contact Advance Disposal at (760) 244-9773.