Construction & Demolition Program

Construction & Demolition Ordinance

We are very pleased that you have chosen to build in our City and appreciate the efforts you have taken to be good partners with the City of Hesperia. It is our goal to ease this transition for you and make sure that you clearly understand the very important permitting change regarding construction and demolition waste.

The City of Hesperia’s annual diversion number (amount we recycle) is very important to the City. As required by the California Green Building Standards Code adopted by the City in 2010, each project built in the City must recycle a minimum of 65% of all waste generated at the construction site. The City has worked to streamline all of our programs, such as green waste, electronic waste and paper recycling with much success. Now we must address construction and demolition waste, which accounts for approximately 21% of the City’s waste stream.

The City of Hesperia has a franchise agreement with Advance Disposal which designates them as the City’s exclusive waste hauler. You may choose to recycle specific materials, but a contract with Advance Disposal is a requirement for all construction waste. Hiring a clean-up company that may self-haul directly to Advance Disposal or the County landfill is no longer an option. This method allows for proper tracking of waste materials and diversion rates.

Most of you who have worked elsewhere in California are very familiar with this type of process and we ask that you work with us to comply with the State’s mandate. For more information please call the City of Hesperia's Public Relations Analyst at (760) 947-1020 or visit the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery website for additional information about recycling.