Recycling Facts

Fact One
Every year Americans throw away 24 million tons of yard waste, which could be composted and used as mulch to conserve landfill waste. By separating your green waste, it does not become contaminated by regular trash and Advanced Disposal can convert it into mulch or ground cover.

Fact Two
In a lifetime, the average American will throw away 600 times their own weight in garbage. By limiting the amount of paper products your family uses, such as cups, plates, servingware and napkins, you can dramatically reduce this number.

Fact Three
Every Sunday, the United States wastes nearly 90% of all recyclable newspaper, which kills about 500,000 trees. You can reuse newspaper by using it to clean glass, as an overnight odor eater for your shoes, to decorate crafts or even donate them to your nearest pet store to be used in the animal cages. You can also bundle your used papers and set them out with your trash cans to be recycled by Advance Disposal.

Fact Four
In the year 2002, an average of 27.7 million beverage containers were recycled each day in California. Recycle your beverage containers and donate the proceeds to a worthy cause. All bottles and cans collected by the Hesperia Recreation and Parks District are donated to help build the Community Library.

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