Ongoing Technology Infrastructure Requirements

The City of Hesperia holds its IT Department to high infrastructure standards because network outages, slow network performance and malicious security attacks can have an overwhelming affect on the City’s ability to provide reliable and efficient services.

Enterprise Systems

The City of Hesperia’s technology standards are based on Microsoft’s platform, because the City has acknowledged that Microsoft specific applications are best of breed, available economically and supportable by the City’s IT Staff.

Microsoft has pursued development of new technology to make it easier for its customers to use the internet in an effective and secure manner. Microsoft's new technology is a .NET platform or framework fesigned to promote the use of the internet by making it easier to web-enable applications and information more securely, and by making them available on many devices.

Computer Systems Life Cycle

The life cycle of our computer workstations should be kept to four years and the software life cycle should be kept to two releases.

As technology advances and new standards are implemented, allowing the life cycle of any system to go beyond that would be detrimental to the City and would inevitably produce inefficiencies in the workflow of the City’s day-to-day operations.

ITIL Standards

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework is a set of concepts and policies for managing the IT Department by providing best practice guidance for IT.

This framework emphasizes five IT management areas in particular: