Wild Animals

If you are visited by a swarm of bees, the Fire Department is not the appropriate agency to call unless someone has become ill from being stung. The best person to call would be a beekeeper as they most knowledgeable in the handling of bees. However, if the bees are nesting in your home or a structure on your property, you can call an exterminator.

Due to fears regarding the Africanized Honeybee, also referred to as Killer Bees, residents are calling authorities whenever they find a swarm in their yards. While caution is justified, African honeybees are mostly a danger to people who provoke them and/or were unable to get away.

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Should your intruder come in the form of a snake, the proper authority to contact would be the Hesperia Animal Control. Because of warmer conditions in the spring, encounters with snakes have become more common. The most dangerous is the Mojave rattlesnake that has venom unique to other California rattlesnakes in that it attacks the nervous system and can lead to paralysis.

Although rattlesnakes have several distinctive features, many people are not sure how to identify one. Using the snake’s color or pattern is not a reliable method of identification. Looking for the characteristic rattle on the tail is a good method, but sometimes these rattles are lost. Rattlesnakes do have powerful bodies, thin necks and well defined triangular or arrow shaped heads. Their eyes are hooded, and the pupils of the eyes are oval rather than round.

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For more information about rattlesnakes in California, visit the California Department of Fish and Game website.
For questions regarding Animal Control, call (760) 947-1700. For medical emergencies, call 9-1-1.