IT Strategy

Goals: Service, Solutions & Security

The City of Hesperia's Information Technology (IT) Division enables other organizations within the City to better perform their job functions and be as productive as possible by striving for the following goals:

Provide High Quality Customer Service to City Staff

As a support organization for other City Departments / Divisions, the IT Division strives to provide the best customer service quality possible.

Align the City’s Technology Solutions With the City’s Goals and Mission

When applied correctly, technology is a facilitator for reaching the City’s goals. A strong technological infrastructure, with innovative solutions that are in keeping with the ultimate Citywide goals, empowers the City to reach those goals within shorter time frames.

Provide a Secure Computing Environment

The City of Hesperia has a responsibility to its residents to provide reliable, year-round services. With new technology improvements, the City has become much more dependent on the reliability of the City’s network infrastructure, which includes:
  • Remote access for field workers
  • Access to data repositories (i.e., file servers)
  • Access to critical City systems including:
    • The financial system
    • Building and planning management system
    • Public Works work order system
    • The geographic information system (GIS)