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Josh started out as a young Joshua tree in a small desert town called Hesperia that had beautiful sunsets, clear blue skies and very few people living there. Josh would spend his days playing out in the clean, open desert with his friends and enjoyed looking at the mountains across clean, litter-free fields.

As Josh grew to be a bigger tree, the town grew into a City. Josh began to notice that the clean open spaces that he used to play in were now covered with windblown rubbish and illegally dumped waste. Tires and old furniture dotted the roadsides and people would throw litter from their cars as they passed. This sight brought heartache to Josh because he realized that his community was not doing their part to help preserve the environment in which they all lived. The community was careless with their trash and knew very little about recycling, which caused the streets and open desert to become dirty and unsafe.

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