Hesperia General Plan

Guiding & Defining City Development

The General Plan is the City’s constitution for development and is the guide to define and develop the City far into the future. All decisions and plans made by the City from the annual budget and capital improvement program, to the issuance of building permits must be consistent with the General Plan.

The General Plan must include a land use map, depicting residential, commercial and industrial uses, as well as public uses and open space areas. The Circulation Plan depicts the City’s Master Plan of Arterial Highways. The General Plan is made up of seven State-required elements:

  • Land use 
  • Circulation 
  • Safety 
  • Open space 
  • Housing
  • Conservation
  • Noise

The 2010 General Plan Update and Associated Documents are now available online for viewing; please click on one of the links below to view the document: