Transportation & Market Access

Strategic Location
Strategically positioned for logistics and distribution, the fast-growing City of Hesperia is conveniently situated within easy access to the logistics network that serves the combined ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach (LA/LGB), the nation’s largest international cargo trade area. Hesperia is sited on Interstate Highway 15, and Highway 395, a major corridor linking Southern California with Northern California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington to the Canadian border. The City's rail development will make Hesperia one of the few viable locations in Southern California able to provide new rail accessibility.

Located at the summit of the Cajon Pass and within the nexus of Interstate 15 and Highway 395, Hesperia offers seventeen miles of prime freeway frontage and is a stepping-stone for goods destined for northern California, Las Vegas, and south to the greater Inland Empire and Los Angeles markets.

U.S. Highway 395 provides access for freight and vacationers headed to destinations such as Bishop and Mammoth and further north. Logistics and manufacturing companies will benefit from a central location to the ports in Los Angeles and airports in Ontario and at Southern California Logistics Airport. Burlington Northern Santa Fe serves the high desert.

Some of the most important distribution centers in the world are regional facilities in inland Southern California markets; many, like Hesperia, in San Bernardino County. Hesperia is the home to Fortune 500 companies that have recognized the City as a prime place to relocate or expand.

Hesperia Industrial Rail Track
The business-friendly City of Hesperia in California’s Inland Empire North is a leader in supporting the long-term development of the regional economy. Having secured $2 million in federal grant funding from the Department of Commerce Economic Development Agency, the City has constructed the G Avenue Industrial Rail Lead Track Project, consisting of approximately one mile of new railroad lead track and a parallel runaround track, which was completed in 2012.

Hesperia’s proactive Economic Development Department is the powerhouses fueling Hesperia’s current growth. The addition of the rail track, one of the City’s far-reaching industrial development goals, will facilitate operations for a greater number of warehousing and distribution centers near Interstate 15. The new track will offer many opportunities for industrial users to purchase rail-accessible properties.

The thriving City of Hesperia exemplifies smart growth, maintaining a healthy balance between population and development. The rail project is guided by Hesperia’s efforts to create sustainable development that includes locally created partnerships and focuses on regional solutions for economic development. It is closely tied to Hesperia’s strong commitment to grow its economy, attract new businesses and development, and provide jobs for its residents.

Stimulate Development
The completion of this project will stimulate the development of 210 acres, and will indirectly impact the attraction and expansion of other businesses into the 1,300-acre I Avenue Industrial area. In addition, the project fosters entrepreneurship by making rail accessible throughout the region to smaller businesses without rail access to ship and receive goods with the use of a team trans-load facility. The City has found it is in its best interest to collaborate with local businesses to make sure they continue to be viable and successful entities.

The track is expected to bring economic results that will match or exceed the advantages of the neighboring, soon-to-be built-out, Foxborough rail industrial park, which has helped create many long-term jobs by attracting leading national and international companies.

Hesperia’s Economic Development Department has developed an aggressive program to attract a diversity of businesses to the City, offering many services to site selectors, business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking for the right place to expand or locate. To request more information on this project and others, send an e-mail or call (760) 947-1906.


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BNSF Railroad bisects Hesperia along the rail line on which Hesperia was founded. The City's rail development will make Hesperia one of the few viable locations in Southern California able to provide new rail accessibility.