Community Education Initiatives

Expert Training & Advice

Police department professionals deliver expert training and advice to the community in a variety of subject areas upon request. Topics include:

  • Neighborhood Watch
  • YANA (You are not alone)
  • Identity theft 
  • Graffiti / vandalism 
  • Credit card / check fraud

Formalized Educational Programs

Available for presentation to schools and community groups, these programs include:

  • BRAVE program for kids
  • Personal Security and Safety 
  • Recognizing Financial Abuse 
  • Operation Identification

Start Smart

This is a unique two-hour class designed to help your teen driver Start Smart. The class is made available to teens (15-18 years of age), accompanied by a parent, at no cost. The class will discuss important issues such as: 

  • Tips to avoid collisions
  • Safe driving habits
  • Dynamics of a collision
  • Consequences of poor choice behind the wheel of a vehicle
  • Testimonies of people tragically impacted by incidents involving teen drivers
  • Parental roles and responsibilities
  • Legal ramifications and civil liabilities affecting teen drivers and their parents

Brochures and Programs

For more information about community education initiatives, please contact Community Relations Officer Taylor Reynolds at (760) 947-1549.