Off-Highway Vehicle Enforcement Team

Dirt Bikes & ATVs

The Hesperia Police Department Off-Highway Vehicle Enforcement Team is charged with enforcing State and municipal OHV laws and rules within the City. Using a variety of vehicles and methods, the OHV Team resolves noise, dust and other annoyance issues involved with the operation of dirt bikes and ATVs within the City.

The OHV Team frequently partners with teams from other jurisdictions to provide enhanced patrol and enforcement in areas outside the City limits.

Hesperia Police Department Applies for OHV Enforcement Grant

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, Hesperia Station in cooperation with the City of Hesperia has applied for grant funding from the State of California Department of State Parks, Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division. 
This grant, if funded is for off-highway vehicle enforcement in the City of Hesperia. The project will provide funding for staff to work specific operations throughout the year.