Flood Safeguards

Protect Yourself From Floods
Some simple steps residents can take include having emergency supplies on hand designed for any type of disaster like sandbags, and clearing debris from gutter and flood areas. General rules include:
  • Never underestimate the power of storm flows. Recent fire activity may bring unexpected flows to areas not normally affected.
  • Try to direct water flows away from improvements while always remembering that it is unlawful to divert flows from their natural path to the detriment of your neighbor.
  • Avoid trying to confine the flows more than is absolutely required.
  • Clear a path for water to flow, it must go somewhere.
  • Use your house or building as a deflector if necessary.
  • Always place sandbags to deflect water, not to dam or stop it.
  • Remember to protect your most valuable property first, your home.
    • Consider what time and money is available to protect other less valuable objects such as swimming pools and landscaping.
  • Try to install more permanent measures to protect your home. Sandbags usually last for only one year.
  • Always work and communicate with adjacent, affected property owners.
  • Check to make sure that doors have rubber sealed thresholds and seals around the door frame to prevent leaking.
  • For problems requiring extensive debris control, or where earth slippage is a concern, contact a State licensed Civic Engineer.

Additional information is available on the San Bernardino County website.