Providing Vision & Direction
The Planning Department administers the City's General Plan, which provides the vision and direction for the City over a 20-year period.

In the City of Hesperia, the General Plan is the overarching guide in implementation of the Development Code, which defines development standards, and the Main Street and Freeway Corridor Specific Plan, which establishes zoning districts, throughout the City.

Ensuring Conformity & Compliance

Planning ensures proposed projects conform and comply with the City's development standards and the State's environmental and subdivision regulations. Ensuring compliance helps to preserve the environment and improve the quality of life within the City.

Planning works with other City divisions, such as Building and Safety, Fire and Engineering, as well as other governmental agencies, to ensure new development has adequate infrastructure and services. Planning also provides zoning and land use process and regulation information to the general public, including:
  • Property and business owners
  • Developers
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Real estate agents

​Hesperia Commerce Center II 

Hesperia Commerce Center II is an approximately 194.8-acre project, located on the northwest quadrant of Highway 395 and Phelan Road/Main Street, and is bound by Yucca Terrace Drive to the north, Highway 395 to the east, Phelan Road to the south, and Los Angeles Bureau of Power and Light utility corridor to the west. 

The Project would include construction of three industrial/warehouse buildings and associated improvements on 194.8-acres of vacant land. Building 1 (the north-westernmost building) would be 1,561,582 square feet, Building 2 (the southernmost building) would be 2,068,100 square feet, which would potentially be divided between two spaces within the same building, and Building 3 (the easternmost building) would be 112,908 square feet. In total, the Project would provide 3,742,590 square feet of industrial/warehouse space and associated improvements, including loading docks, tractor-trailer stalls, passenger vehicle parking spaces, and approximately 7 percent landscape area coverage.

The City established a 30-day public scoping period from November 21, 2019, to December 20, 2019. During the scoping period, the City’s intent was to disseminate Project information to the public and solicit comments from agencies, organizations, and interested parties, including nearby residents and business owners, regarding the scope and content of the environmental information to be included in the Environmental Impact Report (EIR), including mitigation measures or Project alternatives to reduce potential environmental effects.

The Notice of Preparation (NOP) and the attached Initial Study may be accessed at the following links:
Notice of Preparation
Initial Study

Holy Heavenly Lake 

Holy Heavenly Lake property owners are in the process of preparing an Environmental Impact Report for their project, which will start the application process through the City.  This process will culminate with public hearings before the Planning Commission and City Council, possibly in late 2020.

For more information about Holy Heavenly Lake, please visit the links below.