Broker’s Incentive
Are you a real estate professional looking to bring more jobs or a specialty retailer into the City? The City of Hesperia will compensate you for it! Check out our Broker's Incentive Program.

Façade Improvement
Looking to improve the exterior of your business? This Façade Improvement Program is specifically designed to financially assist businesses to improve their façades. The advantages of an improved façade can lead to increased customer traffic and potentially an increase in sales.

Feet on the Street
The City of Hesperia is out on the streets….visiting businesses! The idea behind the Feet on the Street Program is to find out how our local businesses are doing and to determine how the City may be able to assist businesses in these challenging times.

Franchise Founders
Do you have a franchise lined up to bring to Hesperia? Short of funds? Well, the City may be able to help with our Franchise Founders Program which assists franchisees with starting up franchised businesses!

Restaurant Rewards
Looking to locate in the High Desert as a quality restaurant? Concerned with the market? We are so confident that your concept will be successful, we are willing to put OUR money where our mouth is! Our Restaurant Rewards Program will guarantee an approved restaurant’s net profit margin!

Customized Incentives
If one of the above incentive programs will not help with your business need, let’s talk. The City of Hesperia has four certified Economic Development Finance Professionals trained in compiling financial inducements that fill any void. We will tailor one to suit your situation. For more information, please call us at (760) 947-1907 or email.