CA Small Business Programs

Loan Guarantee Program
The California Small Business Loan Guarantee Program provides Financial Development Corporations throughout the state to provide a lender with the necessary security, in the form of a guarantee, for the lender to approve a loan or line of credit the lender might normally disapprove. This enables a small business borrower to qualify for a loan (typically businesses that employ one hundred people or less).

Guidelines & Restrictions

  • Proceeds must be used primarily in California
  • Proceeds may be used for any standard business purpose beneficial to the applicant's business including:
    • Expansion into new facilities
    • Purchase of new equipment
  • Guarantees can cover up to 90% of the loan amount, with the guaranteed portion of the loan not exceeding $500,000

Pollution Control Tax-Exempt Bond Financing Program
Operated by the California Pollution Control Financing Authority, the Pollution Control Tax-Exempt Bond Financing Program provides loans to creditworthy small businesses for the acquisition, construction or installation of qualified pollution control, waste disposal and resource recovery facilities in California.

Pollution Control Financing Authority

Loan Portfolio Insurance

Operated by the California State Treasurer's Office, the California Pollution Control Financing Authority provides loan portfolio insurance enabling small businesses to qualify for bank financing for the following:
  • Acquisition of land
  • Construction or renovation of buildings
  • Purchase of equipment
  • Other capital projects
  • Working capital