Code Enforcement Process

Steps to the Process

  1. A complaint is received or a proactive case instigated.
  2. An officer is assigned to investigate; an inspection is scheduled as soon as possible, usually within 48 hours.
    • Health and safety emergencies will be inspected as soon as an officer is available on the same day.
  3. If violations are found, a Notice of Violation is issued giving the property owner 14 days to comply.
  4. A second inspection is done after 14 days; if the violation still exists, a Notice of Public Nuisance is issued, giving the property owner an additional 15 days to comply or file an appeal.
  5. A third inspection is done after 15 additional days. If the violations still exist at this time there are several possible options:
    • An Administrative Citation can be issued to the property.
    • A Municipal Court Citation can be issued to the violator.
    • An abatement warrant can be served to immediately abate the violations.
    • An extension can be issued if there has been significant progress or effort by the property owner towards compliance.
  6. Each day that the property remains in violation is considered a separate violation. If an Administrative Citation or Municipal Court Citation were issued, additional citations can be issued daily until the violations have been abated.
  7. Once all violations have been abated, the case will be closed.
  8. All fines can be found on the City Bail Schedule.

Journey of a Complaint - image