Rescue an Animal

Become an Animal Rescue

Hesperia Animal Control encourages breed rescues and Non-Profit Rescues to save animals that may not be adopted. To qualify as a Rescue, you must have a federal 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. Some animals may be viewed on A minimal fee is required.

Tips on What to do if You Find Kittens
If you find kittens outside your first thought might be to rescue them, but that may not be the best course of action for healthy kittens. Typically, when a litter of kittens are left alone the mother cat isn't far from them . Mother cat could be out hunting or might even be scared to return to her kittens because she sees humans. In these types of situations there are specific guidelines to assist you in making the right choice for the kittens.  Please click the title, "What To Do If You Find Kittens" to watch a short video detailing such guidelines. Also, for more animal-friendly information, please visit