Public Records

City Public Records Information

Californians have a right under the California Public Records Act, the California Constitution and the Governor's Executive Order S-03-06 to access public information by government agencies.

The City of Hesperia has adopted a complete Records Management Program. The City Clerk is responsible for overseeing compliance with the Public Records Act and strives to provide the fullest assistance to all requesters. The Clerk's Records Management Program monitors the disposition of all City records including storage, destruction or archival retention off-site (either by paper storage or optical imaging). Elements of the program include the preparation of Records Management retention and destruction schedules for all City departments and coordinate departmental response to requests, protects records from destruction and fulfills requests within the adopted timelines.

Submit a Public Records Request online, fill out a request form or a written description of the intended records and mail, fax, or drop it off in the Clerk's Office at 9700 Seventh Avenue, Hesperia, CA 92345. You may also contact us directly at (760) 947-1018 to request records.