Political Sign Ordinance for the November 6, 2018 Election

Requirements Within the City Limits of Hesperia

Ordinance No. 2007-05 of the City of Hesperia adopted on April 4, 2007, amended chapter 16.36 of the Hesperia Development Code regulating political signs. View amendments.

Detailed information may be obtained by contacting the City of Hesperia Community Development Department at (760) 947-1224.

Political Sign Dates and Deadlines
Campaign committees may begin placing political signs sixty (60) days prior to the November election or September 8th, 2018.  Political signs must be removed fifteen (15) days after the election or November 22nd, 2018. Failure to comply will result in the removal of political signs.

Campaign Signs on Utility Poles

California Penal Code 556.1 prohibits the posting of election materials on utility poles. Violations are a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of $500 and a maximum five-year imprisonment.

San Bernardino County Requirements

Detailed information on San Bernardino County's requirements for posting political signs can be obtained by contacting the San Bernardino County Code Enforcement Department at (909) 387-4044.

California State Department of Transportation Requirements

Detailed information can be obtained by contacting the:
Department of Transportation, Division of Right of Way
464 W. 4th St.
Sixth Floor, MS1251
San Bernardino, CA 92401-1400
Ph: (909) 383-4465