California Redevelopment Law (section 33334.2) requires a redevelopment agency to set aside at least 20% of all tax increment generated from the project areas for the purpose of increasing, improving and preserving the community's supply of low- and moderate-income housing. The Economic Development Department is charged with administering this program on behalf of the Hesperia Community Redevelopment Agency.

Activities carried out by staff are directed at enticing private and public sector affordable housing investment within the City's Redevelopment and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) target areas.


The Economic Development Department develops, manages and promotes programs and projects that preserve and improve the supply of affordable housing in the City of Hesperia. Staff coordinate several Agency-supported affordable housing programs, including the Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program (CDBG-HRLP), Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program and Sewer Connection (HRLP-SCP) and numerous rental housing construction projects. These programs are all funded by the Low-Moderate Income Housing Fund (LMIHF).

The DAP offers eligible first-time home buyer families 0% interest loans of up to $125,000 or 45% of the purchase price towards the down payment and closing costs. The HRLP-SCP provides for deferred payments for loans up to $40,000 for lower income owner-occupied households for repair to basic home systems (water/wastewater, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and roof), and up to $50,000 to borrowers improving their properties located within the City's Township Revitalization Program (TRP) area and connecting to City sewer via the SCP.

The Agency provides initial on-going subsidies to affordable rental housing projects within its project areas. These affordable housing projects are targeted to very low, low and moderate-income persons. The Department also contemplates participation in developer-based proposals for affordable housing projects throughout the year.

In December 2007, the Agency created the Redevelopment Foreclosure Remediation Implementation Program (RDA FRIP) and approved the use of $12.5 million of Housing Fund moneys to purchase and rehabilitate foreclosed homes in Hesperia, $2.5 million of which were previously authorized in 2006 for use in the Township Area. The funds will be used for the acquisition and rehabilitation of foreclosed and vacant properties.

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