Main Street and Pyrite Improvement Project

The City’s annual street improvement project is well underway on Main Street and Pyrite and will occur in three phases. This project is expected to be completed by September/October.

  • Phase 1 - Sewer line replacement to mitigate flooding. 
  • Phase 2 - Installation of a culvert under the roadway that will convey water from the south to the north.
  • Phase 3 - Reconstruction of the roadway and paving.

Annual projects such as this enhance the overall quality of life in Hesperia by improving systems and infrastructure that provide services to the community. Such rehabilitation projects are carefully prioritized and will likely be required for decades of public use. Although projects such as the Main Street and Pyrite Improvement Project have the potential of inconveniencing residents in various ways, the result will be a better Hesperia for everyone.

We are now in Phase 2 where crews are installing a culvert under the road to convey water from the south to the north to help mitigate flooding. Check out the below photos that give you an up close look at the progress being made.Main. Pyrite Culvert 2Main. Pyrite Culvert 3