Recycled Water

Recycled Water Project

The City of Hesperia is proud to have accomplished the recycled water pipeline project which allows for recycled water resources to be managed in various areas throughout the City. By implementing recycled water projects, the City will be able to continue to conserve vital potable water resources for our region and Hesperia Water District customers now and into the future.

Department of Water Resources Recycled Water Facts

Hesperia Golf Course

Use of recycled water at the Hesperia Golf Course is to allow for more equitable usage of Hesperia water resources while also providing the necessary water for aesthetically pleasing foliage and water features in and throughout the course. It is estimated that approximately 571 acre feet, or 186,060,921 gallons, of recycled water will be used on an annual basis throughout the Hesperia golf course.

For more information on the Hesperia Golf and Country Club, please visit the Hesperia Recreation and Park District's website here.

Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority

Information from the Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority (VVWRA) regarding their active recycled water project within Hesperia can be found below.

VVWRA’s approach to both handling wastewater flow and sustaining local water supplies is to strategically locate subregional water reclamation plants (WRP) in Hesperia and Apple Valley. These WRPs represent the first step in preparing for the people, businesses, and industry that are both the cause and sustainers of regional growth. The WRPs are scalping facilities, meaning each treat a portion of the wastewater from its local collection system, reuse the treated water in beneficial manners, and return solids to the sewer for treatment at the Main VVWRA plant.

The Hesperia Subregional Water Recycling facility is located on the west side of the city near Maple Ave. It is capable of producing one million gallons per day of recycled water. The recycled water produced at this facility will be pumped to a large storage tank managed by the City of Hesperia and then piped to ponds at the Hesperia Golf Course, where it will be used to irrigate the grounds. The water recycling facility is a "scalping plant", meaning only wastewater is treated here. No solid waste will be treated at this site. Solid waste will be returned to the sewer line where it continues to the main VVWRA plant in Victorville for treatment.

Hesperia Wastewater Facility

State Water Resources Control Board

The State Water Board supports and encourages the sustainable use of recycled water to promote conservation of water resources. 

The Policy for Water Quality Control for Recycled Water (Recycled Water Policy) is an important element of the overall effort to encourage the safe use of recycled water in a manner that is protective of public health and the environment. The purpose of the Recycled Water Policy is to increase the use of recycled water from municipal wastewater sources that meets the definition in Water Code section 13050(n), in a manner that implements state and federal water quality laws. For the purpose of this Policy, recycled water refers to the reuse of treated wastewater derived from municipal sources, i.e., water that is covered under California Code of Regulations Title 22, Water Recycling Criteria. Other types of water reuse include greywater, agricultural return water, industrial wastewater, and water produced from oil field operations. These types of water reuse are regulated through other programs.