Water Production Division

The Water Production Division is responsible for extracting clean, potable water from the underground aquifer by using deep well water pumps and booster pumps in the distribution system. Another task of production is maintenance and troubleshooting power issues for all pumping equipment. Water analysis and testing also falls within this division including cross-connection / backflow control.    

Water Distribution Division

The Water Distribution Division is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all underground water distribution transmission lines including valves, fire hydrants and air release valves. Distribution also installs and replaces new water services, large meters, pressure regulators and vaults.

Water Pipeline Division

The Water Pipeline Division is tasked with the replacement of water mains and hydrants to upgrade existing deteriorating water mains.

Sewer / Stormwater Division
The Sewer / Stormwater Division is responsible for maintenance, cleaning and ongoing video inspections of the sewer lines to relieve the possibility of debris or grease stoppage that contributes to sewer overflows or spills. The division inspects and removes debris before and after storm events within City storm drains and under road culverts.

Customer Service / Meters

The Customer Service / Meters Division is responsible for accurately reading all water meters manually and remotely throughout the City of Hesperia. This division also takes care of meter maintenance and repair. In addition, the division responds to customer service calls including water reconnects, turn offs and meter repairs.